How is compression, associativity in-memory are a revolution for Business Intelligence project?

How to divide by 10 Business Intelligence costs? Evolution of technology combined with database compression, in-memory  tables and data associativity is a revolution for the BI software market. But before understanding why this can generate such a huge cut of costs in BI is possible, let’s examine the traditional approach and the concepts used. You […] Read more

IT Reliability and interfaces project management

IT Reliability, an Issue? The reliability of IT production is regularly an issue after the setup of new applications, information system in projects, or connected to the transition of its operating environment. Unfortunately, many project management methodologies forget maintenability and reduction of operating costs indicators.

Project Excel template for Sales and Operation plan

Using excel template for sales and operations plan Located on the second level of production planning, the MPS, Master Production Schedule: Decomposes aggregate data (product families) of  Sales & Operations (S and OP) plan with reference individual products. It plans over a shorter sub-periods with the finest real demand and therefore production of each finished […] Read more

IT coordination project with a SAP ERP system during a carve-out or spin-off of a company

How to lead an IT carve out of a central SAP system? One of our experiences in GC Partner on SAP IT Carve-out. It was a full IT carve-out from infrastructure to SAP ERP. The deployment was done using ASAP focus methodology from SAP combined in migration process from central ERP to a plant down-sizing and […] Read more