IT Reliability and interfaces project management

IT Reliability, an Issue?

The reliability of IT production is regularly an issue after the setup of new applicationsinformation system in projects, or connected to the transition of its operating environment. Unfortunately, many project management methodologies forget maintenability and reduction of operating costs indicators.

Hard wired interfaces and unstructured IT architecture

Bad IT architecture practice.

It is usually subject of bad practices with manual and correctives actions in the short run, and not strategically managed in the long run

With volume raise between 10% to 100% per year, new integrations between IT systems leads to an increase in IT failures. Companies can’t deal with it like they did in the past. They need to industrialise their IT pratices. There are best practices for complex systems maintenances based on a lean approach which the Total costs and improve quality at the same time.

Detailed analysis of failure points?

In order to instantiate the best practice to your case, you need a thorough analysis of the systems and interactions. As the devil is in the detail, Analysis must examine integration failure points of interfaces. The delivery to the customer is a table of failure points organised by critcity, estimate costs.

Detecting failure points requires to use best practices and have a sound technical background but also a combination of lean thinking approach and new IT practices.

With this fact based list and some help, the customer can choose where to invest and choose the right set of corrective, prospective actions and training actions. The follow-up of actions insure that the customer goals like increasing data quality and  availability using IT architecture best practices.