How to invent : The process starting from Idea to market

An innovation process from idea to market?

Usually creativity starts after you met new people, acquire new knowledge or confrontation to a new issue.

Gold egg ideas

Finding the gold egg isn’t easy unless you are lucky else it is hard work.

If you stay at home alone there are really little chance that you find an innovative idea. You should also listen to complainers.

Inventing is a full time job

Yes, it is not always easy. It may be one of them will give you the starts of the idea which is a problem to solve. Your attitude must feel the wind of the world. Then you must acquire knowledge and analyse the issues from a new perspective. Why do you need new knowldge? If your current knowldge would be sufficient there are little chance that no one has done it before. Or you may also apply your current experience but in a new way.

Don’ be stucked with only one alternative

If possible you should elaborate several alternatives solution. The early test of ideas is very important. It will permit to strengh your ideas with practices. It permits to measure the complexity of the solution design for the next phase. Evaluation of alternatives can be difficult due to technology uncertainty. You need to be update on the latest research findings. During elaboration of ideas, the solution design of innovative product or service is set and analysed economically.

Be careful to who you talk!

Can the idea be protected? if yes it can change the economical model drastically. For business innovation, it is required to manage protection and keep a competitive advantage. During the product or service creation, innovative companies develop competencies which are key to maintain compettive advantage. The marketing requirements must also be integrated in the new technology developpment.