Business process innovation projects

Average business and outstanding business: one difference among others?

Average  business process management is created using standard tools, standard approach and standard roles. In the best case, you get the value to cope with frontliners but you loose a lot of opportunities.  You may think, it is minimising the risks and costs.

Yes, sure but I think : <<In the future even be for people that can use their analytically brain, it will become obvious that creativity with sound operational management will make the difference between success and failure>>. Let’s try an example !

How to rethink a business process ?

The knowledge management business process consencus starts with acquiring the knowledge using writings, scheming, capturing images and videos. The knowledge processing permits to create a referential passing through several quality checks, approval steps and classification levels. The knowledge storing consist to keep the content, build indexes and backup information. Knowledge marketing permits to adapt the content for a special business purpose. Knowledge selling is the step where the knowledge is transformed into value information. The selling part can be free or based on a pay per document, pay per training session or more complex scheme with collaboration on a project.

Document management business process

Knowledge management value chain

In those live experiences, users have rather static roles. One is writer, One is reviewer, One is consumer. There is no promotion to be an active actor. Those system are hard to maintain and soon or late their content is usually out of relevance and not renewed.

How to create an innovative business process?

The future growth will be created by composing with our diversity rather than building early short term and monolithical consensus. Knowledge needs to be explored, confronted, constantly updated and refreshed. The context of knowledge creation is very important. Creating, retreiving and saving a knowledege creation context should be automatised and straitforward. Here is an exemple of what could a document management tool propose to create a competitive advantage for a law firms and attorneys.

Innovative knowledge management business process

Innovative knowledge management business process


The process includes early steps to gather contextual information and steps to promote everyone to be an actor. The technology involved includes all Web 2.0 interactivity, mobile activities and cloud application. The indexing, retrieval engine are integrated in a composing tools including full text search and contextual search. The linking knowledge tools need a big. Bringing value when your are implementing a document management tool is a technical puzzle but you have also break your brain limits to rethink your organisation, business process, business events forecasts and communication with your partners. The challenge is to find a path to implement it!